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On the first day of school, you walked into geometry class with a smile on your face. Not because you like math or geometry, but just because you knew that algebra was truly done and over with. No more quadratic equations or polynomials or solving for x.

Unfortunately, that only lasted for a good two minutes. You quickly realized that geometry, as different as it might seem, actually relies heavily on algebraic concepts. If you don't know how to work with exponents, simplify expressions, or solve for that aggravating x, you might end up hating geometry just as much as algebra.

Now, we're not saying you'll need to remember every tiny detail about algebra. It's all right to refresh your memory. In fact, we highly encourage you to go back and look at your notes just to wipe the cobwebs off those concepts.

If you and your friends doused them in gasoline and set them ablaze in a ritualistic bonfire at the end of last year, don't worry. You can borrow ours, free of charge.

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