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At a Glance - What is Geometry?

The word "geometry" literally means "earth measure." Explorers, cartographers, and topographers have taken care of all that stuff for us, so what's left for geometers?

A whole lot, actually. Geometry is a way to measure things in the world as opposed to Planet Earth itself. (Can you imagine the size of the ruler you'd need?) It's about using visible figures and mathematical concepts to understand the physical world around us. Sounds thrilling, doesn't it?

Don't worry. It's not nearly as bad as it seems. Comparing shapes and applying formulas? Piece of cake. Finding side lengths and analyzing angles? Child's play. Proving theorems and performing constructions? Bring it on.

In fact, compared to the painstakingly exact measurements that cartographers and topographers have to take, geometry is practically a Hawaiian vacation. So come on and join the luau! Make sure to BYOL: bring your own lei.

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