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George Orwell Music

The Eurythmics—For the Love of Big Brother

The Eurythmics, the British duo, performed the soundtrack for the film version of Nineteen Eighty-Four released in, well, 1984. Forget Big Brother—we'd be pretty creeped out to know that Annie Lennox was watching us, too.

Robert of the Radish—The Orwell Playlist

Orwell fan and music enthusiast Robert of the Radish has compiled what we think is an awesome playlist of songs inspired by Orwell's writing. It includes tracks by artists like Radiohead and Coldplay. Awesome.

David Bowie—Diamond Dogs

This album by British rocker David Bowie was originally a concept album inspired by the novel Nineteen Eighty-Four. It didn't totally work out that way, but the disc still includes songs like "Animal Farm" and "1984."

Pink Floyd—Animals

In 1977, Pink Floyd released Animals, an album inspired by Animal Farm. The album's songs are about three different types of people—hypocritical authoritarian "pigs," greedy "dogs" and all-too-happy-to-follow-along "sheep."

Hazel O'Connor—"Animal Farm"

This British singer's 1981 album Cover Plus includes the song "Animal Farm," also inspired by Orwell's novel. She's quite different from Pink Floyd.

Our Lady Peace—"R.K. 1949-97"

The Canadian group Our Lady Peace has a song—more like a spoken word poem—inspired by Orwell's grim predictions of the future. Apparently they were really freaked out by the time that computer beat the guy in chess.

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