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George Orwell

George Orwell

George Orwell Video & Audio

George Orwell—A Life in Pictures

No recorded footage or audio of Orwell has survived. This entertaining mini-documentary tells his life in photographs and dramatized clips of an actor reading his words.

George Orwell

Multi-part mini-biopic of Orwell's life.

1984—The Book

A reading of the book's final passage.

1984—The Movie

The entire film (made in the same year) is on YouTube.

Animal Farm

Trailer of exceptionally cheesy made-for-TV movie.

Monty Python's "George Orwell: A Life"

We believe that Orwell, the ultimate satirist, would have approved of this satiric take on his life.

Why Orwell Still Matters

Author Christopher Hitchens argues for Orwell in this BBC broadcast.