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by Henrik Ibsen

Ghosts: I Smell Oscar for Whoopi Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Ghosts? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. For what reason are all of the characters convening?

They need to merge together to form an 18-wheeler so that they can battle the evil
They are breaking ground on a new pediatric hospital
Captain Alving is being awarded a Badge of Military Merit
They are dedicating an orphanage
Q. Why did Mrs. Alving send Oswald away at a young age?

So that he could learn discipline in a military environment
So that he would not be exposed to his father’s negative influences
Because she felt that his aunt could take better care of him
Because he didn’t finish his vegetables, so let that be a lesson to you
Q. With whom did Mrs. Alving once have an affair?

A minister
A blind man
Captain Alving as Fire Chief Simmons, although I don’t suppose role play can be technically considered an affair
Q. What illness does Oswald have?

Skin cancer
Hoof and Mouth Disease
Q. Whom does Oswald intend to marry?

His mother
His father’s murderer
His half-sister
Fire Chief Simmons
Q. What happens to the orphanage?

It burns down
It is blown up
It becomes tragically overrun by small children
It is struck by lightning
Q. Which did Mrs. Alving not have?

A natural childbirth
Property insurance
The resources to start up that deep-fried salad business she’d always wanted
Q. Who agrees to take the blame for the fire?

Fire Chief Simmons, who is as selflessly courageous as he is gorgeous
Mrs. Alving
Engstrand the carpenter
Q. What is one of the reasons Regina ditches Oswald?

She falls out of love with him
She discovers he doesn’t have as much money as she thought
She can only spend so much time staring at those eyebrows
She finds out about his illness
Q. How does Mrs. Alving respond when her son asks her to kill him?

She agrees
She kills herself
She refuses, and sends him away once again
A burst of laughter, but then Mrs. Alving always did have an unusual sense of humor
By calling for Fire Chief Simmons, whom you would think was an actual character in the book, considering how many times his name has come up in this quiz