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by Henrik Ibsen

Ghosts: I Smell Oscar for Whoopi True or False

1. For what reason are all of the characters convening? -> They need to merge together to form an 18-wheeler so that they can battle the evil
2. Why did Mrs. Alving send Oswald away at a young age? -> Because she felt that his aunt could take better care of him
3. With whom did Mrs. Alving once have an affair? -> A blind man
4. What illness does Oswald have? -> Pneumonia
5. Whom does Oswald intend to marry? -> Fire Chief Simmons
6. What happens to the orphanage? -> It burns down
7. Which did Mrs. Alving not have? -> Property insurance
8. Who agrees to take the blame for the fire? -> Fire Chief Simmons, who is as selflessly courageous as he is gorgeous
9. What is one of the reasons Regina ditches Oswald? -> She finds out about his illness
10. How does Mrs. Alving respond when her son asks her to kill him? -> She agrees