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Giovanni's Room

Giovanni's Room


by James Baldwin

Giovanni's Room: For an Additional Ten Dollars, You Can Read About the Whole House! Quiz

Think you’ve got your head wrapped around Giovanni's Room? Put your knowledge to the test. Good luck — the Stickman is counting on you!
Q. Who was Joey?

David’s baby brother who didn’t live to see his first birthday
The first man with whom David had a romantic experience
David’s elementary school friend, who opened his eyes to many things
Nobody, really - just an incredibly minor character who certainly doesn’t warrant an entire quiz question being written about him
Q. Why does David call his friend Jacques when he moves to Paris?

Because he is lonely
Because the two of them have some unfinished business
Because he needed to know how to pronounce “croissant” in such a way that he no longer infuriated waiters
Because he needed money
Q. What does the flamboyantly gay man in the bar tell David about Giovanni?

That he will sleep with anyone
That he’s out of David’s league
That he’s dangerous
That he’s an alcoholic
Q. What does Jacques advise David to do when they are at the café?

Stick to women
Be careful not to ask for any of the Starbucks sizes, because the barista hates that
Let Giovanni into his heart
Q. Who is Hella?

Giovanni’s wife
A girl to whom David proposed
The owner of the café
Don’t know, but if her name is any indication, I’m sure she is a delight
Q. What does David tell Giovanni that causes some friction?

He has a girlfriend
He is simultaneously seeing another man
He likes dogs, but he’s more of a cat person
His religion forbids him to commit any homosexual acts
Q. What does Giovanni talk about doing to his room?

Renovating it
Wallpapering it with Playgirl spreads
Setting it on fire
Turning it into a shrine to Celine Dion
Q. What does Hella write to tell David?

That she is disappointed about her lack of substantial page time
That she knows about his homosexual affair
That she will marry him
That his father has died
Q. What does David do after getting Hella’s letter?

Flies home immediately
Adds it to the pile
Counts up all of the i’s that have been dotted with hearts
Sleeps with a stranger
Cries like a baby
Q. To what does Giovanni plead guilty?

Robbing David
Murdering Guillaume
Love in the first degree