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Giovanni's Room

Giovanni's Room


by James Baldwin

Giovanni's Room: For an Additional Ten Dollars, You Can Read About the Whole House! True or False

1. Who was Joey? -> David’s baby brother who didn’t live to see his first birthday
2. Why does David call his friend Jacques when he moves to Paris? -> Because the two of them have some unfinished business
3. What does the flamboyantly gay man in the bar tell David about Giovanni? -> That he’s an alcoholic
4. What does Jacques advise David to do when they are at the café? -> Stick to women
5. Who is Hella? -> The owner of the café
6. What does David tell Giovanni that causes some friction? -> He has a girlfriend
7. What does Giovanni talk about doing to his room? -> Renovating it
8. What does Hella write to tell David? -> That she will marry him
9. What does David do after getting Hella’s letter? -> Flies home immediately
10. To what does Giovanni plead guilty? -> Murdering Guillaume