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Giovanni's Room

Giovanni's Room


by James Baldwin

Giovanni's Room Resources


Baldwin Speech

A speech that James Baldwin gave at UC Berkeley about the racial prejudices inherent in the English language.

Baldwin Interview

Baldwin talks a little about his growing up and what it meant to be black in the United States.

Baldwin on MLK and Malcolm X

Baldwin speaks very directly about the difference between the non-violence of Martin Luther King, Jr. and the violent tactics of Malcolm X.


First Edition Book Cover

Not the most cheerful cover in the world. You might think about what kind of tone this cover sets for the book before you even open it.

James Baldwin

A photo of the master himself, Jimmy Baldwin (as Truman Capote used to call him).


1956 NY Times Review
Naturally, it's laudatory, but note just how short it is compared to the average book review.


Giovanni's Room Bookstore

Check out the lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, and transgender bookstore that takes its name from Baldwin's book.

NY Times Books

A New York Times page providing links to articles on Baldwin, articles by Baldwin, book reviews, and more.

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