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by Jamaica Kincaid

Girl Resources



We know you guys were feeling left out. Here, join in, you know you want to.

Hoodoo, Voodoo, Youdoo

Learn more about Obeah and why you shouldn't throw stones at blackbirds.

What's In a Name?

Who's Elaine Potter Richardson? That's Jamaica Kincaid before she changed her name in 1973. Her family didn't like her writing, so poof, new name and a new her.

Who's Hungry?

We are. Pick yourself up some ham hock and cook up a bowl of pepperpot.


Don't Be the Ugly Tourist

Kincaid wrote the narration for this movie inspired by her novel A Small Place.



See what we did there? Eh, eh? The New York Times reviews Kincaid's The Autobiography of My Mother.


We'll stop. We promise. The New York Times reviews Kincaid's A Small Place.


"Girl," Bloopers Edition

A pretty funny and silly take on this not-so-funny text.

Lucky Kids!

The 2012 class of Grinnell College gets to say Kincaid graduated the same year they did. No fair!


Musical Voice

Hear Kincaid's special lilt reciting "Girl."

A Heart to Heart

Kincaid talks to Don Swaim about her name, Antigua, and all that good writing stuff.


Oh Me? Just Chilling

This is the image that is the famous cover for Kincaid's Annie John.

Digging those Braids

The author herself.

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