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The Girl Who Played With Fire

The Girl Who Played With Fire


by Stieg Larsson

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 18 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Tuesday, March 29 – Wednesday, March 30

  • Niklas Hedström is excited about working on Salander's investigation. He has a grudge against her because she found out that he sold naked pictures of a celebrity client of Milton Security to the tabloids. She threatened to tell Armansky if Hedström continued the bad behavior.
  • Now, it's Hedström's chance to get back at her.
  • Hedström and Bohman attend a briefing with Bublanski and his team of investigators:
  • Jerker Holmberg reports that Salander's fingerprints are on a piece of broken coffee cup in Dag and Mia's apartment, on the murder weapon, and on the gun's box in Bjurman's apartment.
  • Salander was seen buying a pack of cigarettes near Dag and Mia's on the night in question.
  • Miriam Wu is identified as a lesbian who works at an erotic clothing store, Domino Fashion.
  • Since Salander's fingerprints have been found at Wu's, they believe Wu and Salander are lovers. Salander is friends with the old band Evil Fingers. Faste calls them "hard-rocking lesbian Satanists" (18.85).
  • Modig believes that Bjurman's tattoo, coupled with the violent porn found on his computer, suggests he may have victimized Salander, and that she might have killed him out of revenge.
  • Faste believes Salander and Wu are involved in the sex trade and had Bjurman as a client.
  • On Wednesday, Blomkvist is excited to learn that Salander has been inside his computer, and has left him a message. The message is one word long: "Zala" (18.182).
  • He writes her back quickly, asking her to please explain. She replies "You're the journalist. Find out" (18.192). He writes her back with more questions, but she doesn't respond.

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