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The Girl Who Played With Fire

The Girl Who Played With Fire


by Stieg Larsson

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 30 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Thursday, April

  • Blomkvist is at Salander's apartment. No one answers, so he turns her key, and the alarm sounds.
  • Salander's Palm PDA alerts her to the break-in. In a few moments, the intruder will experience a paint bomb. Blomkvist thinks fast about what her password might be.
  • He quickly punches in 9277, the numbers that match the letters in "wasp," her hacker name.
  • Salander is amazed when her PDA stops beeping. Somebody knows her code. She pulls up the surveillance cameras and sees Blomkvist in her apartment.
  • Now he will know all her secrets. She thinks she trusts him with them.
  • Paolo Roberto has done some detective work too. Since the blond giant is a boxer, Paolo found record of him through his boxing contacts.
  • He too learns that the giant is Ronald Niedermann, who has a bizarre medical condition called "congenital analgesia" (30.55). The condition leaves him unable to feel pain.
  • Eriksson calls Blomkvist and tells him what Paolo has learned.
  • Blomkvist is still inside Salander's apartment. He feels a sense of terrible loneliness and wants to hug Salander. He knows she's "on the hunt" (30.105) for her horrible father.
  • He finds the DVD of Bjurman raping Salander and watches it in horror.
  • Eriksson calls Blomkvist. She's found a connection between a man named Karl Axel Bodin and Niedermann. She finds the address associated with Bodin's post office box.
  • Blomkvist thinks Salander has this information, too, and is headed for Bodin's place.
  • Salander, dresses as Irene Nesser, is staking out the post office where Niedermann has a box.
  • Soon, a young man comes and checks the box. She follows him to a farmhouse with the name K.A. Bodin on the mailbox.
  • Blomkvist is on the train. He wishes he'd rented a car instead. He's afraid he's too late.
  • Salander watches the farm house. She sees Niedermann come out. Then she sees Zala come out of the house, limping on a crutch. She moves through the woods toward the house.

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