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The Girl Who Played With Fire

The Girl Who Played With Fire


by Stieg Larsson

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 6 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Sunday, January 23 – Saturday, January 29

  • Salander lets herself in to Milton Security, and hacks Dragan Armansky's computer so she'll have access to it anytime she wants from her own computer.
  • Next, she goes over the files in his desk, reviewing Milton's open cases. She's just snooping because she wants to know what Milton's working on.
  • On Friday, Blomkvist and Berger meet with Harriet Vanger. Harriet's uncle, Henrik Vanger, owns shares of Millennium. Harriet agrees to become owner of her uncle's shares.
  • Later that night, Harriet and Blomkvist make love. (Weird.)
  • On Friday, Salander visits her friend Miriam Wu, Mimmi. Mimmi is shocked to see her after so long. She was afraid something bad had happened to Salander.
  • Mimmi is a sociology student, performance artist, and clerk at Domino Fashion, an erotic boutique. Sander and Mimmi met a few years back at a Gay Pride Festival.
  • Salander tells Mimmi about her new breasts, and Mimmi is surprised and excited. Salander is bisexual, and Mimmi is a lesbian. They make love.
  • Blomkvist thinks about Harriet, who's 55, while she sleeps. He and Harriet began their affair last year (2004). (You can read all about her intense past here.)
  • Harriet has only had sex with three other men: her late husband, her father, and her brother (dead serial killers who raped her when she was a girl).
  • She likes making love with Blomkvist whenever she's in town.

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