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The Girl Who Played With Fire

The Girl Who Played With Fire


by Stieg Larsson

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 8 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Monday, February 14 – Saturday, February 19

  • About 6:30pm, Salander visits Dragan Armansky at Milton security.
  • He tells her if she's here for a job, she can forget it. She says she doesn't need money anymore. She's here to say, hello. Armansky thinks she looks different, like she's taken to stuffing her bra.
  • He tells her she's a selfish person who doesn't care about others. She asks if she should go.
  • He doesn't care, but if she goes now, she shouldn't come back.
  • She learns her old guardian is alive. This hits her like a bomb. She thought Palmgren was dead.
  • He had a severe stroke in late 2002. Salander found him and took him to the hospital.
  • Salander gives Armansky her new cell number, and says to call if he has any uniquely challenging cases. She stresses that she doesn't need the money.
  • Salander drives out to the rehabilitation center and reunites with her beloved ex-guardian.
  • When Palmgren asks about her new guardian, he can sense that there's a problem.
  • He feels guilty: he hadn't gotten her released from guardianship because he loves her, and was afraid he'd lose her if her if he wasn't her guardian. She feels guilty for assuming he was dead.
  • They are both delighted to be reunited. Salander has a personal therapist hired for Palmgren.
  • Mia Johansson picks up Dag Svensson from the metro station. He's upset. He hasn't been able to confront a john named Björck who works for the Security Police (Säpo).
  • Dag is confronting all the men his book and article will reveal as being involved in the sex trade.
  • Mia is excited because her dissertation has been printed and bound. She'll defend it and get a doctoral degree in a few months. Dag gives Mia some bad news.
  • Once of the girls she interviewed, Irena P., was found in the canal, murdered. Mia says that she was smuggled in by a mysterious man known as Zala.
  • Dag says that a john named Sandstöm, a journalist, says Zala is involved in the sex trade mafia.
  • All Mia knows about Zala is that his name evokes terror, and that nobody will talk about him.

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