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The Girl Who Played With Fire

The Girl Who Played With Fire


by Stieg Larsson

The Girl Who Played With Fire Chapter 9 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Sunday, March 6 – Friday, March 11

  • Salander comes to visit Palmgren once a week now, and he is much improved.
  • They play chess, and Palmgren's doctor, Sivarnandan, sees Salander's a chess master.
  • Bjurman comes back to Stockholm from his cabin. Salander's bank statement is in the mail, and he sees a withdrawal. This means she's back in Stockholm. He calls the blond giant.
  • Mimmi gives Salander a cigarette case as a late birthday gift. Then they go out for a drink.
  • Blomkvist and Dag are at the Millennium offices. Dag can't find Björck from Säpo.
  • Blomkvist suggests that Dag send Björck a letter saying he's won a mobile phone and a chance to win a hundred thousand kronor. They go for a drink, and Dag drafts the letter.
  • Salander and Mimmi are in the same bar. Salander is hiding from Blomkvist, who hasn't seen her. Blomkvist gets a cell phone call, and he and Dag leave. Salander kisses Mimmi.
  • Salander gets home about 7am. Seeing Blomkvist prompts her to look in his computer, which she hacked with his knowledge when she was with him.
  • She finds Dag's book, article, and Mia's dissertation. She reads the dissertation, then looks at Blomkvist's emails. An email from Dag to Blomkvist chills her.
  • The email concerns Zala. Salander reads about Irena P.'s death. She reads that Dag tried to get information from a journalist named Sandström about Zala.
  • Nobody knows who Zala is, but everybody who knows his name is afraid.

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