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Quote #10

Cupboards, wardrobe, storage boxes, and desk drawers had been emptied out. There was fingerprint powder on every surface. Her highly private sex toys were heaped on the bed. (20.109)

The justice system trampled all over Mimmi's house. We don't recall anybody apologizing to her for trashing her place unjustly. Or was the search unjust? They have real reason to believe Salander's a killer on the loose, and that this is her home.

Quote #11

She made a mental note to deal with [Teleborian] in earnest as soon as she tidied up the rest of this mess. (28.152)

Yeah. We're hoping this happens in the next book. Blomkvist has plans for Teleborian as well. Sorry, to sound vengeful, but both Blomkvist and Salander love revenge. This passage is also ironic; even Salander doesn't suspect how messy things will get before it's over.

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