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1. Who said, "It's a tremendous assault on human rights, and the girls involved are so far down society's ladder that they're of no interest to the legal system."?→Dag
2. Who said, "Lisbeth Salander has been in and out of psychiatric units since she was a teenager. […] She was declared incompetent. She has a documented violent tendency […]. […] And you and Armansky talk about her like she's some kind of princess."?→Palmgren
3. Who said, "We've been watching you since four 4:00. You tripped just about every alarm around our farm."?→Zalachenko
4. Who said, "I keep squandering my friends'?→Salander
5. Who said, "You've got an attitude problem and you treat people like dirt when they're trying to be your friends. Simple as that."?→Salander
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