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The Girl Who Played With Fire

The Girl Who Played With Fire


by Stieg Larsson

The Girl Who Played With Fire Steaminess Rating

Exactly how steamy is this story?


Sex is beautiful, horrible and provocative in The Girl Who Played With Fire. We hear about Blomkvist having lots of sex, but the bedroom door always slams in our face before we get to see what's going on. Similarly, we hear about Erika Berger's sex life, and even some of her most intimate fantasies, but she doesn't have any sex scenes. On the other hand, Mimmi and Salander do leave the door open, and we are given some of the details of their encounters. Sex in the novel also has a dark side. After all, it's focusing on the abuse of women in the Swedish sex trade, and contains many tales of rape and sexual abuse. None of this is recounted very graphically, but we get the drift just the same.

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