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The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest


by Stieg Larsson

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Chapter 11 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Friday, May 13 - Saturday, May 14

  • Blomkvist drives to Göteborg and hires Idris Ghidi, a janitor at the Salander's hospital, to do something for him.
  • Nyström, of the Section, visits Ekström, who is prosecuting Salander in Stockholm.
  • Nyström convinces Ekström (who already doesn't like Salander) that it's important to the security of Sweden that Zalachenko remain a secret.
  • Nyström convinces Ekström that nothing wrong has been done to Salander. She really is insane and she's dangerous to herself and others. The police report Blomkvist has is a forgery, altered to make it look like something bad is going on. Salander needs to be locked away.
  • At the Millennium offices, reporter Henry Cortez discovers that a Swedish construction-supply company is knowingly using toilets made by child laborers in sweat shops.
  • Ekström removes Bublanski, Modig, and Andersson from Salander's case (since they're Salander supporter) and assigns Hans Faste (a Salander hater), just like the Section told him to do.
  • Bublanski says all copies of the Björk report now seem to be gone.
  • Modig tells Bublanski that she has a copy of the original report and she'll go to the press with it if it looks like Salander is getting screwed over again.
  • At the hospital, Idris Ghidi puts a cell phone in a vent in the wall next to Salander's room. He'll change the batteries every day until Blomkvist tells him to stop.
  • Blomkvist meets up with Dr. Jonasson, tells him Salander's story, warns him how evil Teleborian is, and convinces the doctor to smuggle Salander her Palm Tungsten T3.
  • Meanwhile Armansky and Bublanski meet to plan ways to help Salander.

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