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Quote #7

"Your job description as a journalist is to question and scrutinize critically—never to repeat claims uncritically, no matter how highly placed the sources in the bureaucracy." (10.181)

Berger gives great lessons in journalistic ethics.

Quote #8

"The question is, why are apartments so fucking expensive." (11.109)

In trying to answer this question, Millennium reporter Henry Cortez discovers that Berger's new boss is selling super expensive toilets made cheaply in Vietnam using child labor. This puts Berger in a dicey situation, which she handles like a champ.

Quote #9

"What I'm thinking of asking you is unethical and might also be illegal."


"But morally it's the right thing to do." (11.277-279)

This is Blomkvist convincing Jonasson to smuggle Salander's Palm Tungsten into her hospital room. He's so smooth. Do you agree with him?

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