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Quote #1

His job was to save his patient's life, irrespective of whether she was a triple murderer or a Nobel Prize winner, or both. (1.21)

Unlike some doctors we know (Teleborian) Dr. Jonasson, Salander's doctor at Sahlgrenska Hospital has some serious ethics. His job is to save lives. Period.

Quote #2

"[Blomkvist] says that we'll have to ask her herself, if that time ever comes. He says he absolutely won't discuss a person who is not only innocent but also has had her rights so severely violated." (2.170)

Blomkvist recognizes that he has an ethical responsibility not to speak for Salander. In some ways, this whole book can be seen as Salander's quest for her right to speak for herself and tell the truth of her story.

Quote #3

"I can see that you milksops are too sensitive to kill her, and that you don't even have the resources to have it done. […] She has to disappear. Her testimony has to be declared invalid. She has to be committed to a mental institution for life." (4.156)

Zalachenko is a regular ethics and morality guru. In other words, he has absolutely no scruples, even where his own children are concerned.

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