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The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest

by Stieg Larsson

Language and Communication Quotes Page 2

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #4

"[…] if I'm not present, you're not to say a single word to the police no matter what they ask you. Even if they provoke you or accuse you. Can you promise me?"

"No problem." (7.190 -191)

Giannini is preaching to the choir. Not talking to authorities is already a big part of Salander's modus operandi.

Quote #5

"They'll twist what I say and use it against me." (9.85)

Salander explains why she doesn't talk to authorities.

Quote #6

"Salander has been the object of a media frenzy. That's when normal rules don't apply, and any drivel can be printed." (10.196)

Berger is explaining to a young reporter at SMP that you can't always believe what you read in the news.