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The Girl Who Kicked the Hornet's Nest Quotes

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Friendship Quotes

He had found a roll of duct tape and had used it to close the wounds. The medics remarked that this, in their experience, was a brand new form of bandage. (1.74)

Ethics and Morality Quotes

His job was to save his patient's life, irrespective of whether she was a triple murderer or a Nobel Prize winner, or both. (1.21)

Justice and Judgment Quotes

"You can absolutely rely on me as long as you don't reveal that you're engaged in any sort of criminal activity." (5.22)

Gender Quotes

Modig cocked her head. Zalachenko's answers were much more aggressive and hostile when she asked the questions. (3.31)

Violence Quotes

"His injuries seem to be similar to those of a car crash victim – it's hardly credible that anyone could do such damage with his bare hands." (2.134)

Lies and Deceit Quotes

He assumed it was not his real name; in his experience, Swedish amateur spies had a real obsession with using false names even when it was not the least bit necessary. (4.162)

Language and Communication Quotes

"Can you hear me Lisbeth?"Go away."Can you open your eyes?" Who was this fucking idiot harping on at her? (3.58-61)

Technology and Modernization Quotes

I'm dealing with pros here, obviously. People who could bug an apartment as easily as get into one without breaking a lock. (7.644)

Versions of Reality Quotes

"I hired Niedermann as an assistant a number of years ago. I thought he could protect me, but he has actually taken over my life. He comes and goes as he pleases…I have nothing more to say about...

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