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Quote #1

I'm dealing with pros here, obviously. People who could bug an apartment as easily as get into one without breaking a lock. (7.644)

Blomkvist is dealing with guys who used to be pros, but now are delusional guys, mostly in their seventies, trying to cover up the crimes they've been committing in the name of law and justice.

Quote #2

"This is the most important weapon Lisbeth has in her arsenal – she has to have it." (11.293)

Computer and Internet technology keeps Salander from being isolated, and also uncovers Teleborian's violent sexual crimes involving children.

Quote #3

The software scanned every report and reacted to 310 keywords – nigger, for example, or skinhead, swastika, immigrant, anarchist, Hitler salute, Nazi, […] traitor, Jew-lover, or nigger-lover. If such a keyword cropped up, the report would be printed out and scrutinized. (12.39)

Computer and Internet technology is also important to Figuerola and Edklinth's work in the Constitutional Protection Unit, which addresses hate crimes.

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