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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


by Stieg Larsson

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 1 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Friday, December 20

  • Meet Mikael Blomkvist, nickname Kalle Blomkvist. By the way, Kalle Blomkvist is the name of the junior detective in kids' books by Astrid Lindgren (of Pippi Longstocking fame).
  • At the young age of 23, Blomkvist foils a gang of bank robbers the police couldn't catch. This case is the start of his career as a journalist and of the nickname.
  • Right now (years later), Blomkvist is coming out of court. He's just been found guilty of publishing libelous material about a financier named Hans-Erik Wennerström.
  • Blomkvist has to serve three months in jail and pay a fine of 150000 kronor (about $20,000).
  • After answering questions from reporters, Blomkvist takes a bus to a café and listens to a news story about his conviction.
  • Blomkvist is part-owner, as well as writer and publisher, of a magazine called Millennium.
  • Blomkvist has never been convicted of a crime before. He fears his recent conviction will hurt the magazine. He's also afraid he might have to sell his Stockholm apartment to pay the fine.
  • Blomkvist's old school friend Robert Lindberg gets Blomkvist interested in Wennerström eighteen months earlier.
  • At that time, Lindberg tells Blomkvist that Wennerström is corrupt and that he might have stolen public funds.
  • Since Blomkvist is a financial journalist who happens to investigate corrupt financial dealings, this is right up his alley. He begins looking into Wennerström.

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