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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


by Stieg Larsson

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 13 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Thursday, February 20 – Friday, March 7

  • Salander does a thorough investigation into Nils Bjurman. He appears to be a moderately wealthy, model citizen. He's divorced but his ex-wife is happily remarried.
  • There's nothing abnormal with the other people under his guardianship.
  • Since there's no dirt, Salander begins thinking of ways to murder him.
  • Meanwhile, Blomkvist and Cecilia are having their affair. But he isn't ruling her out as a suspect.
  • For a week, Salander tries to plan the perfect murder of Nils Bjurman. She vetoes guns, knives, and bombs. When Armansky calls to offer her a job, she hangs up on him.
  • She considers poisoning him with acid or nicotine. But, no matter how she kills him, she'll still be a ward of the state. She needs to control Bjurman, not kill him.
  • She makes a new plan, requiring letting Bjurman assault her again. She doesn't like it, but can't think of a better way. If it works, she'll get what she wants.
  • Blomkvist has settled into a routine at Hedeby. He reads up on Nazism and works on a chapter on the three Vanger brothers who are Nazis.
  • He also tries to figure out the mystery of the numbers, names, and initials in Harriet's date book.
  • Nils Bjurman feels better when Salander calls him to meet again. He'd been a little worried she would report him. He needs to teach her a lesson and show her who's boss.
  • Salander is worried. She intended to meet Bjurman at his office, but he then switched the meet-up to his place.
  • At 8:30pm, Blomkvist and Cecilia get together for sex and to talk about Harriet.
  • Just after 8:30pm, Bjurman answers the door in his bathrobe and yells at Salander for being late.
  • After a little talk, he handcuffs her arms to the bed and ties her legs, then rapes her.
  • Around 3am Saturday, Blomkvist walks back from Cecilia's.
  • Around 4am Saturday morning, Nils Bjurman lets Salander leave.

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