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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


by Stieg Larsson

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 23 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Friday, July 11

  • Blomkvist and Salander look at the pictures of Hedeby, and wonder why Cecilia's in so many.
  • Maybe the killer is a now-dead Vanger and a younger Vanger doesn't want the family's secret exposed.
  • If that's so, why would the young Vanger allude to the murders by burning the cat?
  • Salander quotes from Leviticus, pondering the verses. Blomkvist asks her to recite another, and then another. Suddenly Blomkvist realizes Salander has a photographic memory.
  • He tells her his discovery and she gets mad and runs out. Blomkvist finds her sitting on the dock and apologizes for upsetting her. He thinks that having such a memory is a great gift.
  • They walk to the church and borrow the key to the Vanger family crypt.
  • Inside, it smells like recently burned cat, and they find the blowtorch the cat was burned with.
  • The next day, Blomkvist arranges to have Salander do research in the Vanger Corporation archives.
  • Blomkvist gets into Henrik's office to look at Henrik's photo albums that he has yet to see.
  • There's a picture from the day of the disappearance. In it, you can see Cecilia Vanger and a woman who looks just like her and is wearing the same kind of clothes! It's her sister, Anita Vanger.
  • That's who was in Harriet's room! And that's why it seems like Cecilia is in so many pictures.
  • He finds another picture. In it is a young man, wearing a dark jacket with a red patch on the shoulder. It's the person Harriet was frightened of at the Children's Day parade – none other than Martin Vanger!
  • Blomkvist tries to call Salander to tell her about Martin but she has her phone off.
  • At the newspaper, Salander links Gottfried (father of Harriet and Martin) with most of the murders. But there was another murder after his death. Hmmm.
  • Blomkvist goes to Martin's. Martin invites him in. He forces Blomkvist into his basement. The basement is a torture chamber/recording studio.
  • Martin makes Blomkvist get on the floor. He handcuffs and beats him.
  • He puts a chain around Blomkvist's neck and chains him to the floor.
  • Martin says he's going to kill Blomkvist and asks where Salander is.
  • Blomkvist says she's back in Stockholm. Martin says he knows she's at the archives.

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