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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


by Stieg Larsson

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 24 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Friday, July 11 – Saturday, July 12

  • Turns out, Martin brings immigrant women and prostitutes to his dungeon. Women who won't be missed.
  • When Blomkvist had dinner here, there was a woman in the dungeon.
  • When Martin's done with the women, he kills them and throws their bodies in the ocean from his yacht.
  • His father, who taught him to rape and kill, killed the first seven women on Blomkvist's list, and Martin the eighth.
  • Martin loves planning the kidnappings and raping the women. The killing is just a byproduct.
  • At the archives, Salander realizes Martin is probably a killer. She sees missed calls from Blomkvist and she tries to call him. At the guesthouse she realizes Blomkvist went Martin's.
  • Meanwhile, in the dungeon, Martin tells Blomkvist he didn't kill Harriet and doesn't know who did.
  • They tried to make Harriet a killer, but she refused. Martin wanted to kill her but didn't.
  • Martin puts a tight leather noose around Blomkvist's neck, makes him stand up, and chains the noose high on the wall. He takes off Blomkvist's pants and cuts his shirt off with scissors.
  • Martin never had sex with a man other than his father. Sex with his father was his duty as a son.
  • Martin threatens to rape Blomkvist. Salander appears and whacks Martin with a golf club.
  • She beats him until he's writhing on the ground.
  • Blomkvist is being choked by the leather strap.
  • Martin tries to crawl away.
  • Salander grabs a knife from the floor and cuts Blomkvist's noose.
  • Martin gets away in his car. Salander pursues him on her motorcycle. Martin drives himself head-on into a truck. She makes sure he's dead and then goes back to Blomkvist.
  • Blomkvist says to call the police. Salander wants to know why.
  • She takes off his cuffs, and helps him home. She has him eat something and get cleaned up.
  • She says someone else can find the dungeon and call the cops.
  • Blomkvist asks why. She tells him she doesn't want to argue about it. He falls asleep.

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