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The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo


by Stieg Larsson

The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo Chapter 25 Summary

How It All Goes Down

Saturday, July 12 – Monday, July 14

  • Blomkvist sleeps. Salander takes pictures of Martin's basement.
  • She finds binders with headshots of women and Martin's notes.
  • She takes the binders and Martin's laptop and goes back to the guesthouse.
  • Martin has been killing since the 1960s, at least two women per year for the last fifteen years.
  • In one of the binders Salander finds pictures of a naked teen girl shying from the camera. Salander puts those pictures in her pocket, burns the binders, and drops the laptop off a bridge.
  • Dirch Frode comes over and Salander tells him what they've learned about Martin.
  • He wants to go to the police. She says to keep her name and Blomkvist's out of it.
  • She tells him they haven't figured out what happened to Harriet, but are about to.
  • Blomkvist wants to go to the police, but Salander is making it hard for him, and he doesn't.
  • Salander shows Blomkvist the pictures of the teen girl. They think it's Harriet.
  • They think Gottfried and Martin raped her, and that Martin kept raping her after Gottfried died.
  • Here's how they picture it: while Martin is away at school, everything is OK. On Children's Day, Harriet realizes he's back home and then disappears.
  • Blomkvist and Salander fly to London and meet up with some hackers.
  • Blomkvist goes to Anita's home. She knows Martin's dead, and she won't talk to Blomkvist.
  • Anita makes a call to a woman in Australia. Salander and the hackers listen to and trace the call.
  • Anita tells the woman about Martin's death, and the woman is happy.
  • Anita tells her about Blomkvist and the woman says the phone's not safe. Anita should write her.
  • Next, Salander and Blomkvist tour London. Then Salander learns that her mother has died.
  • Blomkvist says he will postpone the trip to Australia and go back to Stockholm with her.
  • Salander says no, and she and Blomkvist say good-bye at the hotel.

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