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Girls Just Want to Have Fun
Girls Just Want to Have Fun
by Cyndi Lauper
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Girls Just Want to Have Fun Albums

She’s So Unusual (1983)

Lauper’s first solo album was also her most successful. Her hairdo on the album cover was widely imitated throughout the early 80s.

True Colors (1986)

Her follow-up gave her a #1 hit (the title track), but otherwise it was a commercial flop. “True Colors” has since become a musical symbol of Lauper’s solidarity with LGBT communities.

Merry Christmas…Have A Nice Life (1998)

Lauper does Christmas! It’s amazing she still sells anything post-80s heyday. We’ll admit that we don’t hate this, but the best place to play it would definitely be the lobby of a shopping mall in 1998.

Memphis Blues (2010)

Lauper made some middling dance albums in the earlier 2000s, but she came back rather surprisingly with this popular and critically respected blues album.

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