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The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie


by Tennessee Williams

Amanda Wingfield Timeline and Summary

  • Amanda fights with Tom at the dinner table
  • She recalls her glory days as a young Southern Belle and wishes Laura had gentlemen callers.
  • She is upset at Laura for having dropped out of her typing class.
  • Amanda distresses about being on the poor side of things.
  • She denies that Laura is crippled and daydreams about her missing husband’s charm.
  • She makes humiliating phone calls trying to sell magazine subscriptions.
  • Amanda argues with Tom about his reading Lawrence and going to the movies.
  • She accuses him of not actually going to the movies, but participating in drinking and other debauchery.
  • Amanda refuses to speak to Tom over breakfast.
  • She asks Tom to find a gentleman caller for Laura, one that doesn’t drink.
  • She calls Tom selfish.
  • Amanda makes some more humiliating magazine subscription phone calls.
  • She is super excited to find that Tom got a gentleman caller for Laura and obsesses about the appearance of the house.
  • She calls Laura out to the fire escape to wish on the moon.
  • Amanda gets all dolled up for the gentleman caller.
  • Amanda stuffs Laura’s shirt with powder puffs.
  • Amanda insists that Laura answer the door.
  • She acts all Southern Belle-ish around the two boys and makes them say grace at dinner.
  • She sends Jim out to the living room to see Laura.
  • Amanda dreams (aloud) about the great times they will all have together.
  • She finds out Jim is engaged.
  • She yells at Tom.
  • Amanda comforts Laura while Tom gives an ending speech.