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The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie


by Tennessee Williams

Jim O’Connor Timeline and Summary

  • Jim shows up at the Wingfield apartment with Tom and greets Laura when she answers the door.
  • Jim chills out on the fire escape with Tom and discusses his ambitious plans for his public speaking future.
  • He has dinner with Amanda and Tom.
  • He goes out to see Laura in the living room.
  • He and Laura discuss high school, her crippled leg or lack thereof, and his demigod status.
  • He signs Laura’s program.
  • Jim says he’s not with his ex-girlfriend anymore.
  • Jim discusses his plans for the future and tells Laura to have more confidence.
  • He makes Laura dance with him and breaks the horn off of her unicorn.
  • He hits on Laura and kisses her.
  • Then he remembers he has a fiancée and talks about how in love with her he is.
  • He reveals to Amanda that he is engaged.
  • Jim leaves.