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The Glass Menagerie

The Glass Menagerie


by Tennessee Williams

Laura Wingfield Timeline and Summary

  • Laura has a tension-filled dinner with Tom and Amanda.
  • She remarks that her mother thinks she will be an old maid.
  • Laura polishes her glass collection but then pretends to have been typing when her mother approaches.
  • When confronted, she admits to having dropped out of her typing class.
  • She discusses her shyness and crippled leg and plays the Victrola obsessively.
  • She discusses Jim, whom she had a thing for in high school, and his nickname for her, "Blue Roses."
  • She sits demurely on the stage getting bathed in light while the others talk.
  • Laura flips out when Tom accidentally breaks some of her glass animals.
  • Laura hangs out with a drunken Tom and they discuss his movie-going experience.
  • She encourages Tom to apologize to their mother.
  • She goes out on the fire escape with her mother who wishes on the moon.
  • Laura is forced to get dressed up in preparation for the gentleman caller.
  • She discovers that the Jim coming to visit is the same one she used to fawn over at pep rallies.
  • Laura refuses to answer the door.
  • Laura answers the door and then runs away to the Victrola.
  • She spends dinner lying out on the couch.
  • She and Jim discuss high school, her crippled leg or lack thereof, and his demigod status.
  • She discloses that she dropped out of high school.
  • Laura asks about Jim’s old girlfriend.
  • Laura shows Jim the unicorn, her favorite piece of glass.
  • She dances with Jim and they break the horn off of the unicorn; she believes it to be "a blessing in disguise."
  • She is kissed by Jim.
  • Laura finds out Jim is engaged and gives him the unicorn as a "souvenir."
  • She is comforted, silently, by her mother, while Tom gives his closing speech.
  • Right on cue with Tom’s line about candles, Laura blows the candles out.