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Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross


by David Mamet

John Williamson Timeline and Summary

  • Once more unto the Chinese restaurant.
  • Williamson starts the show listening to Levene talk about how he needs the good leads. As we know, Levene can talk a lot, but Williamson manages to get some of his own words in. He tells Levene he can't get the good leads because he can't close deals anymore.
  • Why not stick the knife in a little further? Williamson tells Levene he's out.
  • Now we get into the whole Let's Make a Deal portion of the scene. Levene offers Williamson a cut of the action, Williamson counters, Levene accepts, Williamson demands cash, Levene can't pay, Williamson calls the deal off.
  • Act 1 ends for Williamson after the first scene, which means the actor playing this role gets a pretty sweet break backstage. Speaking of pretty sweet breaks, if you'd like to take a breather here's a video of some big wave surfing. (What does that have to do with the play, you ask? Absolutely nothing. That's why it's a nice intermission break.)
  • With the office robbed, Williamson does his best to help the cops out and figure out what happened. He also still tries to get the guys to go out and sell.
  • Not thinking things through (or just not caring), Williamson blows the Lingk deal for Roma, which leads to Roma and Levene berating him.
  • No one likes to get berated, but this time around it actually works out in Williamson's favor. He catches Levene and gets him to confess to the robbery and sell out Moss.
  • Williamson and Levene face off one last time, and Williamson wins hands down. He tells Levene he doesn't like him and sends the old man in to confess what he did to the cops.