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Glengarry Glen Ross

Glengarry Glen Ross


by David Mamet

Shelly Levene Timeline and Summary

  • No better place to beg for help than over some Chinese food. Levene eats with Williamson, and tries to convince the ice cold office manager to give him the premium leads. The two talk about it pretty much for the entire first scene of the play.
  • Talking is like Levene's super power, and he talks and talks about his past and his reputation and why Williamson needs to give him the good leads.
  • Williamson, never one to be moved by talking, says no, and tells Levene that he's out. Yep, the old guy is about to be finished with the company.
  • Clinging to any chance he has to survive, Levene offers Williamson a cut of his sales in exchange for the good leads. Williamson wants a bigger cut than Levene offers, and he wants cold hard cash up front. Levene agrees to the terms, but doesn't have the cash on hand.
  • Speaking of ice cold, Williamson instantly goes back on the deal, and Levene is left begging for cut-rate leads. They leave the restaurant and Levene has conveniently left his wallet behind.
  • You know how when you're exhausted and everything starts to seem miserable and then you go home and get a really good night's sleep and the next day you're like a whole new person and the world looks great? That's Levene when he enters in Act 2. He's like a whole new guy.
  • Like a conquering hero or a returned king, Levene shares the tale of an $82,000 sale he made that very morning. Even Ricky Roma is impressed.
  • After telling his story, Levene helps Roma out by pretending to be his high-end client in order to trick Lingk.
  • In a final showdown, Levene tells Williamson off. Unfortunately, Levene's words get the best of him, and he basically outs himself as the guy who broke into the office.
  • Time to beg again. Levene offers Williamson all kinds of deals if he'll let him off the hook, but no dice. Levene is done for.
  • Defeated, Levene heads to the back office to talk to the cops.