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Goblin Market

Goblin Market

by Christina Rossetti
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Goblin Market Drugs and Alcohol Quotes

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

She dreamed of melons as a traveler sees False waves in desert drouth With shade of leaf-crowned trees, And burns the thirstier in the sandful breeze. (289-292)

Laura is even hallucinating about the goblin fruit, but it's all a dream. When she wakes up, her withdrawal symptoms are even worse.

Quote #2

She no more swept the house, Tended the fowl or cows, Fetched honey, kneaded cakes of wheat, Brought water from the brook (293-296)

Laura's addiction makes her change her normal routine. She's no longer capable of performing her usual chores.

Quote #3

But sat down listless in the chimney-nook And would not eat. (297-298)

Laura's whole personality changes after becoming addicted to the goblin fruit. She becomes depressed and "listless," and loses her appetite.

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