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Goblin Market

Goblin Market

by Christina Rossetti

Violence Quotes Page 1

How we cite our quotes:

Quote #1

Their looks were evil. (397)

The goblins are just beginning to show signs of violence. Earlier in the poem they were just funny or strange; now they're starting to look "evil."

Quote #2

They trod and hustled her,
Elbowed and jostled her,
Clawed with their nails,
Barking, mewing, hissing, mocking,
Tore her gown and soiled her stocking (399-403)

The long list of verbs really emphasizes the violence in this scene. The goblins don't just "claw" her, they do all kinds of terrible things.

Quote #3

Held her hands and squeezed their fruits
Against her mouth to make her eat. (406-407)

This is probably the most violent image in the poem. The goblins pin Lizzie's hands and try to force-feed her. Many critics read this as an attempted rape. Does your reading of this scene change based on whether or not this action is attempted rape?