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Symbol Analysis

A lot of the action of "Goblin Market" takes place down by the stream where Laura and Lizzie gather water. Most of the detail in "Goblin Market" means something. What about the water and all the images associated with water? Give us your ideas!

  • Lines 85-86: In this simile, Laura is compared to a ship whose anchor is up and lines are cast –nothing is holding it back anymore. So in this image, water is associated with being unrestrained and free (possibly not in a good way).
  • Line 219: After Laura has eaten the fruit, she and Lizzie go to draw water from the stream as usual. The "gurgling" of the stream appeals to the sense of the reader. Instead of only visual imagery, here, we're given auditory detail.
  • Lines 289-292: This simile compares Laura's fantasies about goblin melons to the mirages of water that travelers might see in the desert.

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