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The God of Small Things

The God of Small Things


by Arundhati Roy

Ammu Timeline and Summary

  • Ammu has kind of a rough upbringing.
  • Pappachi runs Ammu and Mammachi out of the house from time to time.
  • One night, he tears up her rubber boots, her most prized possession.
  • Ammu's parents don't think it's necessary to send a woman to college, so she spends her young adulthood living at home and waiting for marriage proposals.
  • One summer, Ammu's parents allow her to move to Calcutta. She meets Baba, who proposes to her five days after they meet. She accepts.
  • Ammu gives birth to Estha and Rahel in 1962.
  • When the twins are 2 years old, Baba loses his job. He tells Ammu he can keep his job if she agrees to sleep with his boss. He punches her when she says no. After this happens a few times, she takes the kids and moves back to Ayemenem.
  • Ammu gets mad at the twins for misbehaving when Sophie Mol comes to visit. She thinks they make a bad first impression.
  • Ammu sees Rahel run off to talk to Velutha.
  • When Margaret Kochamma makes an ignorant comment about the local culture, Ammu gets angry and storms off.
  • Ammu falls asleep and has a dream about a man she calls "The God of Small Things" (actually Velutha).
  • That night, Ammu goes out for a walk in the dark. She encounters Velutha, and they make love.
  • Ammu and Velutha meet every night for the next thirteen nights.
  • After Vellya Paapen rats Velutha and Ammu out, Baby Kochamma locks Ammu in her bedroom.
  • Ammu yells through the door at Estha and Rahel that it's their fault she's locked in.
  • After Sophie Mol's funeral, Ammu goes to see Inspector Thomas Mathew to clear Velutha's name. He tells Ammu that Velutha is already dead.
  • Ammu is forced to leave Ayemenem. She becomes severely ill.
  • Ammu dies alone in a hotel room. Chacko and Rahel take her to be cremated.