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The God of Small Things

The God of Small Things


by Arundhati Roy

Esthappen Timeline and Summary

  • Estha and the family drive out to see The Sound of Music.
  • Estha can't stop singing during the movie, so he has to go out into the lobby where he can sing to his heart's content.
  • The Orangedrink Lemondrink Man at the movie theater molests him.
  • Estha blames himself. He starts worrying and feels nauseous. He realizes the Orangedrink Lemondrink Man knows where he lives and can come find him anytime.
  • At the airport, Estha refuses to speak when he is introduced to Sophie Mol and Margaret Kochamma.
  • When they get home, Estha leaves his family behind and goes into the factory, where he thinks Two Thoughts: "Anything can happen to anyone" and "It's best to be prepared."
  • Estha decides he needs a boat.
  • Estha and Rahel find a boat and go to visit Velutha.
  • Estha, Rahel, and Sophie Mol take the boat out to run away across the river. The boat capsizes and the twins realize that Sophie has drowned.
  • They get to the History House and don't know that Velutha is there. The police come and beat Velutha violently.
  • Baby Kochamma tells Estha and Rahel that they are murderers and that Ammu will die in jail if they don't answer "yes" to the inspector's questions.
  • Estha goes with the inspector and sees the bloody, battered Velutha. He answers "yes" to the inspector's question.
  • Estha is sent back to Calcutta to live with Baba.
  • 23 years later, Estha comes back to Ayemenem. He has stopped speaking.
  • Estha follows Rahel to the kathakali performance. They walk home together.
  • Rahel and Estha lie in bed together. They have sex.