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God’s Grandeur

God’s Grandeur


by Gerard Manley Hopkins

God’s Grandeur Resources


Hopkins at Bartleby

A nice, reliable resource.

Hopkins’s Grave

Gerard Manley Hopkins was buried in Dublin, Ireland.

Music anybody?

These guys are dedicated to putting Hopkins’s poems to music.


A Beautiful Reading and Commentary

By celebrated poet, Stanley Kunitz

Hopkins in Brief

A reading from a biography


Hopkins on LibriVox
Lots of Hopkins’s poems, in audio format.


Portrait of the Artist
An artist's take on Hopkins

Historical Documents

"The Ecstasy of Gerard Manley Hopkins"

A 1989 New York Times article

Hopkins’s Letters

This link shows you Hopkins’s letters, and talks about "sprung rhythm."


Gerard Manley Hopkins: A Life

We don’t need to tell you that this is a biography.

Gerard Manley Hopkins and the Victorian Visual World

If you feel like you’d have been happier in Hopkins’s time, maybe this is the book for you.

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