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The Golden Compass
The Golden Compass
by Philip Pullman
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The Golden Compass Morality and Ethics Quotes Page 1

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Quote #1

"I didn't have anything in mind, and well you know it," she snapped quietly. "But now I've seen what the Master did, I haven't got any choice. You're supposed to know about conscience, aren't you? How can I just go and sit in the library or somewhere and twiddle my thumbs, knowing what's going to happen? I don't intend to do that, I promise you." (1.59)

From the get-go Lyra displays a strong sense of moral duty. She can't just leave the study once she realizes that Lord Asriel's life is in danger.

Quote #2

First thing in the morning she hastened down to the catacombs and restored the daemon-coins to their rightful places, and whispered "Sorry! Sorry!" to the skulls. (3.136)

When Lyra rearranges the daemon coins, she is haunted by a night-ghast (nightmare). We see that she apologizes immediately and is sorry for meddling.

Quote #3

Lyra sobbed in terror.

"Don't! Please! Stop hurting us!"

Mrs. Coulter looked up from her flowers.

"Do as I tell you, then," she said.

"I promise!"

The golden monkey stepped away from Pantalaimon as if he were suddenly bored. Pantalaimon fled to Lyra at once, and she scooped him up to her face to kiss and gentle. (5.37-42)

Mrs. Coulter is a foil to Lyra in that she has absolutely no moral compass. Here she remorselessly inflicts cruel pain on her daughter.

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