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The Golden Compass

The Golden Compass


by Philip Pullman

The Golden Compass Resources


His Online Materials

Philip Pullman's official website. Just remember, <em>Northern Lights</em> = <em>The Golden Compass</em>.

Random House: His Dark Materials

Check out the North American publisher's website. There's some good stuff in here. For example, click "Materials" for a tutorial on how to read the alethiometer and what each of the symbols means. Under "Author" you'll find stuff like a Q&A and tips from Pullman on how to write a book.

Dark Materials Dictionary

Need a refresher on character names and unfamiliar objects in the <em>His Dark Materials</em> series? Not sure what anbaric means? Check out this dictionary from the BBC.

Darkness Visible

A resource for Milton's epic <em>Paradise Lost</em>.

Movie or TV Productions

The Golden Compass (2007)

A controversial and not very faithful adaptation. (The end is totally different from the book.) Shmoop does not recommend this movie.

Articles & Interviews

"The Golden Compass Spurs Controversy"

Check out the fuss about the film.

"Far From Narnia"

An article from <em>The New Yorker</em> on Pullman and the trilogy.

"Dark Material," Louis Menand, The New Yorker, February 2004

Review of the London stage adaptation of <em>His Dark Materials</em>.

"The Republic of Heaven"

Pullman's essay on young adult literature and religion.


Philip Pullman Interview

An interview with Charlie Rose.

Milton Revisited

Pullman celebrates the anniversary of <em>Paradise Lost</em> by reading Milton.


Here's the trailer to the not-so-good 2007 movie.


Audio Book

On Amazon you can listen to a 14-minute sample of the audio book. See if you like it. (Note: Play button is below the cover image.)


Darkness Illustrated

Philip Pullman's original illustrations for his novel.

Book Covers

Check out cover art for <em>The Golden Compass</em> /<em> Northern Lights</em> from around the world.

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