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A Good Man is Hard to Find

A Good Man is Hard to Find


by Flannery O'Connor

Bailey Timeline and Summary

  • Bailey is "at home," somewhere. He wants to take his family on a trip to Florida, against the wishes of his mother.
  • Grandma conquered, Bailey sets off with the rest of the family the next morning. He's the driver, and the nominal person in charge.
  • Bailey stops with the family at Red Sammy's for a bite to eat.
  • Upon learning of the old plantation from the grandmother and the kids, Bailey refuses to go. Some kicks in the kidney from his son, John Wesley, change his mind.
  • Bailey is attacked by a flying cat, (Pitty Sing), loses control of the car, and lands the family in a ditch, after flipping over the car. In retaliation, he flings the cat against a tree.
  • When the Misfit arrives, Bailey says the family is in "quite a predicament."
  • Bailey's mother spills the beans – she knows the drive is The Misfit – and he calls her something truly nasty.
  • Bailey is taken into the woods with John Wesley. Father and son are shot. His parrot-shirt is brought back for The Misfit