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June Star Timeline and Summary

  • June Star is nasty to her grandmother before the family trip.
  • June Star is nasty to Red Sammy's wife when the family stops to eat lunch. She does a tap dance routine, and tells Red Sammy's wife she wouldn't want to live in a broken down place like hers for a "million bucks."
  • June Star is nasty to her parents. She whines (while John Wesley kicks) until her dad agrees to go to the old plantation.
  • June Star is very excited her family has gotten into a car accident, although disappointed that nobody died.
  • June Star is nasty to The Misfit, and is told to stand by her mother. Children make The Misfit nervous.
  • June Star is nasty to Bobby Lee when she's taken away with her mother into the woods to be shot.
  • June Star is shot.

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