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A Good Man is Hard to Find

A Good Man is Hard to Find


by Flannery O'Connor

The Misfit Timeline and Summary

  • We first hear of The Misfit from the grandmother, who tells Bailey that he's a criminal from the federal penitentiary and he's on the loose.
  • We hear mention of The Misfit again when the grandmother brings him up with Red Sammy.
  • The Misfit shows up in the flesh, driving his hearse-like car, after the family has had its accident.
  • The grandmother recognizes the Misfit, and tells her it would have been better for her own sake if she hadn't pointed out who he is.
  • The Misfit tells his accomplices, Bobby Lee and Hiram, to take Bailey and John Wesley into the woods for a "talk."
  • In response to the grandmother's questioning, The Misfit tells her a bit about his past.
  • The Misfit tells Bobby Lee and Hiram to take the mother, June Star, and the baby into the woods.
  • The Misfit starts talking with the grandmother about Jesus, and has some pretty serious things to say.
  • When the grandmother reaches out to touch The Misfit, he shoots her in the chest three times, and then cleans his glasses.
  • The Misfit tells Bobby Lee and Hiram that the grandmother would have been a good woman, if he had been around to shoot her all the time.
  • Then he says there's no pleasure in life.