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Pry into Medusa’s Diary

Dear Diary,

My therapist has recommended that I write a list of Big Questions and Positive Thoughts. I think it will help me move past all of my hideous bad luck and re-center myself. Time to start.

Big Question #1:
Why I am always the villain in movies?

I hate Hollywood so much. Clash of the Titans... blah, blah, blah. The Lightning Thief... whatever. I’m so sick of being the villainess. Is it my fault that Poseidon seduced me in Athena’s temple? He’s a god. I couldn’t say no. Why didn’t Athena punish him? Did I really deserve to be turned into such a hideous monster? And now, everybody just thinks of me as this awful hateful creature. In every movie, I’m so disgusting. I wish the world could see that I’m really a beautiful person inside.

Positive Thought #1: Shrek and Monsters, Inc. were pretty good. Maybe I'll have better luck in animated movies?

Dear Diary,

It's time for my Big Question of the day:

Big Question #2: How come nobody ever remembers that my name means "protector" or "guardian" in Greek?

Once the image of my face was called the Gorgoneion and was carved into all kinds of things: doors, archways, temples. Sure, the Gorgoneion protected by scaring people away, but still it protected. Why doesn’t anyone remember me as one of the good guys?

Positive Thought #2:
At least Versace likes me :)

Dear Diary,

I'm having one of those terrible, horrible, no good, VERY BAD days. I want to turn someone to stone so bad.

But since there's not on around (and I have no head), it's Big Question time again…

Big Question #3: Why does everyone think Perseus is such a hero?

Seriously, what did I do to him? I was just hanging out (sleeping, in fact) in my cave with my Gorgon sisters, minding my own business, when he comes along and chops off my head. He’s a murderer, not a hero.

Positive Thought #3: Umm… it's all Athena's fault? That wasn't really positive… It's all Athena's fault and nobody worships her anymore. Yessssss!

P.S. Sometimes I wonder if my handwriting is legible. It’s kind of hard to tell now that my head has been chopped off :(

Dear Diary,

I read the weirdest thing today. And my Big Question is related, so here goes:

Big Question #4: What is up with Sigmund Freud???

Freud said I was a symbol of the masculine fear of castration. (I read all about it here.) What a quack.

Positive Thought #4: Even though I curse Perseus all the time for chopping off my head, sometimes I almost feel grateful. At least now, I don’t turn everybody to stone just by looking at them.

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