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Medusa's Wall


Hey, Perseus, why don’t you give me back my friggin head?

I thought you were dead.

You’d love that, wouldn’t you. Now where’s my head?

Ummm, I kind of gave it to Athena.


She kind of like… decorates her shield with it.

One night, very soon, your bed will be filled with snakes.

By the way, how can you see to type?

likes this

My new sculpture show is opening next Thursday night. Drinks and hors d'oeuvres will be served. Everyone is invited.

Except for Athena.

Great, Snakes. I'm looking forward to it. I'll bring my sword ;)

And Perseus.

Don't throw a hissy fit or anything. Hehe.

And the next Monster Maiden Book Club selection is… Wicked, by Gregory Maguire. Enjoy :)


Oooh! Can't wait. xoxoxo


I've been DYING to read this. Nice pick, Dussy.

Grendel's Mom

I wish Greg would write my story next. You feel like he can really see into a woman's heart.

Me too! I want him to show the world my soft side… and how ridiculous these meathead heroes really are.

Check it out! I'm Uma Thurman! (The movie is stupid, though.)

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Ssssssssss! Yeah, Perce, and you’re a Neanderthal who can hardly string two words together.

Shut up. I've been upgraded to Sam Worthington.

And I appear to be awake in these movies when you attack me. Unlike in real life. Wuss.

I could take you awake. Just name the date and time.

Honey, I'm already headless, so what would that prove?

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