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The Grapes of Wrath Chapter 8 Summary Page 1

  • Tom and Casy get up early the next morning and walk eight miles to Uncle John's house.
  • On their way there, they watch dogs mating.
  • Tom is reunited with his mother (Ma Joad), his father (Pa Joad), Grampa, and Granma. Everyone is delighted to see him. We're talking spitting-jelly-beans-jumping-for-joy delight.
  • Ma Joad is especially moved, because she didn't think she'd ever seem him again.
  • Ma cooks up a delicious breakfast for everyone, and the preacher gives a very unique prayer.
  • Pa shows Tom the new family car that will take them across the country to California.
  • Al Joad saunters down the road. Al is Tom's younger brother, and he likes girls a lot. He also wears a big belts and a cowboy hat.
  • Al thinks his older brother is pretty much the best thing since sliced bread. He's excited to see Tom and to hear about his prison adventures.
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