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The Grapes of Wrath

The Grapes of Wrath


by John Steinbeck

Reverend Casy Timeline and Summary

  • While chilling under a tree, Casy encounters and immediately recognizes Tom Joad.
  • For dinner that night, Reverend Casy eats rabbit with Tom Joad and Muley Graves.
  • Later on, Casy camps in a riverbed with Tom and Muley.
  • Tom and Casy make their way to Uncle John Joad's house.
  • While Tom reunites with his family, Casy lays low. He doesn't want to intrude.
  • After much begging from the Joads, Casy agrees to say a prayer before breakfast.
  • Reverend Casy asks the Joads if he can join them on their way to California.
  • When Grampa's body is buried by the side of Route 66, Casy offers a prayer.
  • While Tom and Al go get supplies to fix the Wilson's touring car, Casy chills with the car and makes sure no one tampers with it.
  • Uncle John confesses to Casy.
  • Reverend Casy talks to Tom at the Hooverville camp about how grim the situation is, and about how it's time for him to leave the Joad family.
  • Reverend Casy kicks a policeman in the back of the head before the policeman can shoot at Floyd Knowles.
  • When the police come looking for the man who knocked out the mean deputy, Casy turns himself in.
  • Over a month later, Casy is reunited with Tom one night when Tom stumbles across his campsite.
  • Reverend Casy introduces Tom to his buddies and tells him stories of prison life, stories of revolution and rebellion.
  • When they hear the sound of footsteps, Casy and Tom flee the campsite and try to escape.
  • Someone catches Casy and Tom and drives a pick axe into Casy's head.